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Welcome to ##dos

This is ##dos, our IRC channel for MS-DOS related stuff (Disk Operating System). If you do not know what is MS-DOS but you want to taste it, feel free to ask us... we're all better than Microsoft Knowledge Base for this!

Yes, we know

Your browser is telling you this website is insecure (and it's true). But that does not mean "unsafe", it just means someone may be reading what you read... which is not to worry because currently this website has almost no visitors and even a sniffer is welcome.
So do not complain about my insecure (https-less) website!
And if you still complain, get a dictionary and search for "insecure" and "unsafe"

What is MS-DOS?

Click here for details.

What do we talk about in this channel?

You can talk about any Windows version older than Windows Vista, any DOS version, good DOS emulators, DOS games, programming tricks and docs, anything that makes you a better driver behind the keyboard. I wouldn't insult an specific version of Windows if I was you!

What else?

If you need to have your file seen (mostly because it's really good), you could upload a file either through or here.

These tiny planets are scratching, unless your browser is not graphical.

There are visitors right now

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