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Stuff to check

Finally, there is some stuff to check!

I tried to look at one of the first video players for Windows. I stumbled until I found what codec used Media Player on Windows 3.11. It has to be installed, it is Microsoft Video 1! It is inefficient and looks a little bit ugly. Wanna see it? I actually tested it.

October 4, 2018. Haha, so far some little demon has been trying to deface this website. This has been, further than a failed attempt, very embarrasing for the perpetrator, as he posted his "Pwn3d" text file celebrating BEFORE actually trying to do anything useful. This explains the attempts to stuff PHP viruses in the server, all going from Asia IP addresses. The text file can be found here. If you are able to read everything on this server, that means the hacker failed. Preventing failures only required some small intervention from me when setting up the server. All my websites are bulletproof, hackers are just wasting time.