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Privacy Policy and all sites under DanielTheFox group care about your privacy and want to keep you aware of what is logged. Going through this site tells us you're okay with what we do with the data we obtain from you. So, here is it.

At first, you must be aware this server (like most ones out there) uses the Apache Log Format for logging information about server activity and generic information about our visitors. The logs have IP address, the ident is disabled, we have the date, request string (protocol, URI, command), return code and size, referer and your browser's user-agent. Europe considers the IP address as personal information, and although it isn't identificative by itself, we have to tell you the fact it's stored. The web logs are seen by the webmaster and deleted when they get too large (it's a subjetive perception, but we believe it'll be about 200 MB even after gzip-compression). The webmaster reads the server logs daily as a preventive measure against abuse or attacks.

Now, there is an uploader log, which is mostly independent from the server logs and doesn't conform to any standard. An entry is added after each successful file upload to our server. It includes upload date, user's IP address, file size and file name. Unlike server logs, upload log is public as a way to discourage abuse (sometimes we receive uploaded malware and PHP malicious scripts that don't work due to security measures, but their intentions are stored so everybody can read who tried to damage the users or the server), if you upload stuff then we think you accept the lack of privacy regarding uploaded files.

If you don't accept this privacy policy, simply stop using this website. If you want to have your IP erased from our logs, tell us through danielfox16bit at gmail dot com, we can't offer proof of what we have done, so you must trust the fact we have changed it to manually after we read your request.